4 Perfect Destinations for the Active Traveller

Having travelled a lot this year, I know how hard it is to stay active whilst on the road. Especially as most routines are completely thrown out the window, which is a huge part of the appeal. That’s why I decided to write this post on 4 perfect destinations for the active traveller.

So if staying fit while abroad is a priority for you, you may prefer to visit somewhere where there is plenty of opportunity for adventure. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply want to keep active while you’re abroad, there’s something for you on this list!

Queenstown, New Zealand

With no predators and plenty of outdoor activities available, New Zealand really is the ideal travel spot for adrenaline junkies, and you can’t get much better than Queenstown. Ever wanted to take the plunge and do a bungee jump? You can – the world’s first bungee company operate here, offering night-time and tandem jumps alongside the usual thrills. I did my first bungy jump here on a family holiday. It was absolutely terrifying! But I’m so glad I did it as it’s always a great story to tell, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hurling yourself off the top of a bridge!

For those who’d prefer to stay closer to the ground, you can try your hand at white water rafting and jet boating, or make the most of the area’s walking trails (known as tramping trails by the Kiwis). The Ben Lomond Walkway takes you through gorgeous alpine forests before reaching the mountain summit.

Transylvania, Romania

The wilderness of Transylvania is perfect for outdoor activities. Trek through the forest to watch Carpathian brown bears in their natural habitat, or go off-road in a 4×4 for a tour of the mountain.  Rafting, rock climbing and biking will all give you great opportunities to admire the natural beauty of the area and stay active at the same time. There are wonders to be seen underground too. Visit the Apuseni National Park and you’ll be able to tour four of the 1500 caves found there, including Scǎrişoara, home to the biggest glacier in Romania.

Yellowstone, USA

For something a bit different, head to Yellowstone National Park, where you can explore its dramatic canyons, hot springs and bubbling geysers. You can also experience Yellowstone’s natural wonders by rafting down the river, going on a kayaking tour past the geyser basins, or riding through the Absaroka Mountains on horseback. If you want to stay on foot, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The park has over 900 miles of hiking trails through its acres. I loved seeing the popular geyser Old Faithful, which erupts every 35 to 120 minutes, and really is a spectacular sight!

Corsica, France

Corsica looks peaceful and picturesque, but don’t be fooled – you can find plenty of adventurous activities here, including canyoning, abseiling, and cliff scrambling, none of which are for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for something a little less dangerous, you can go on a trek, either by horse or on foot, with options available for all levels of experience. Bikes are available to hire, so you can head off to make the most of the mountain scenery, or take one of the more straightforward paths for a more relaxed trip along Corsica’s beautiful coastline.

Of course, countries that I’ve written about such as Oman and Borneo have incredible hikes, caving and diving trips to keep you moving on your holiday.

Do you have any places to recommend for an active holiday?

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  1. Nice! I definitely want to check out Romania, I’ve heard good things. To add a few spots…Taiwan is often overlooked, but is incredible for the outdoors–a country that is perfect to see on bike with an extensive network of bike trails along with countless well-maintained hiking trails and national parks through stunning natural scenery, and some of the best river-tracing spots in the world–all while also being very safe. You have to mention somewhere in South America. Chile & Peru, have more hiking and outdoor sports opportunities than you could ever fit into just one trip and epic scenery.

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