Seafood at L’Altro Baffo, Otranto

You may have already guessed by now that my partner and I are completely food obsessed. Especially when traveling around Italy. It has to be one of the best places to travel in the world for food. Or perhaps very close behind Bangkok’s street food?

Most of the dining we did in Puglia was either in masserias (Masseria il Frantoio), local cafes, or the type of place where menus don’t exist and instead, a 12 course extravaganza of rustic dishes await.

However while exploring Otranto, we decided to opt for a more fine-dining experience at L’altro Baffo – a contemporary restaurant well known for seasonal ingredients and excellent seafood. It’s rated as one of the best restaurants in Otranto – which I definitely agree with!

l'atro baffo restaurant OtrantoAs an appetizer, we shared a beautifully presented plate of raw fish of the day.

l'atro baffo restaurant Otranto l'atro baffo restaurant OtrantoSquids with wild onion, cream of chicory and chickpea – almost too pretty to eat, with a fantastic combination of textures and flavours.

l'atro baffo restaurant Otrantol'atro baffo restaurant OtrantoFollowed by delightfully creamy carbonara with sea urchins. Balanced and beautifully put together.

l'atro baffo restaurant Otranto A classic light and fresh seafood spaghetti.

l'atro baffo restaurant OtrantoOne of my favourite dishes of the entire trip was this hearty eggplant parmigiana with swordfish. Warm and comforting creamy cheese oozing over fresh fish. A magical combination. I would have happily eaten this for the next several days.

l'atro baffo restaurant Otranto l'atro baffo restaurant OtrantoAnd finally a creative dish of sepia with black bread and ink sauce.

l'atro baffo restaurant Otranto-8

Although slightly pricier (the total cost of 3 courses for 2 people, plus bottle of wine came to £123), this contemporary seafood restaurant is well worth the visit.

Via Cenobio Basiliano, 23, 73028 Otranto (LE)
Tel: +39 0836 80 16 36

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  1. Veronica next time we are in NZ we can eat sea urchins at Matheson’s Bay. They are everywhere. As a kid I used to eat them on the rocks at low tide.

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