A Unique Stay at Masseria Prosperi

After exploring the gorgeous little town of Ostuni, we hopped back in our rental car and drove straight down the coast for our next stop, Masseria Prosperi.

We read great reviews of this masseria – a contemporary country house, elegantly designed with chic white decor. It’s even home to farm animals (donkeys, chickens, horses and goats) as well as two very inviting swimming pools – one heated indoors and one outdoors.

What more could you want to unwind in the countryside of southern Italy?

Masseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi Puglia Masseria Prosperi PugliaAs soon as you step into the owner Antonio’s home, the open plan living area and kitchen instantly create a warm, homely atmosphere. It really does feel like you’re staying at a close friend’s home.Masseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi PugliaI loved the fact that we could help ourselves to anything in the kitchen, even a spread of home-baked cookies in jars. I was in heaven. Masseria Prosperi Puglia The bedrooms are simply decorated, furnished with antique headboards, cupboards and trinkets.

Masseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi PugliaWe had access to a large shared balcony too, complete with sun beds surrounded by aromatic lavender…

Masseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi PugliaIt was when I walked out towards the swimming pool that I really fell in love with the place – sparkling sunshine dancing on the inviting blue water, nestled amongst quiet fields and gently swaying trees.

Masseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi Puglia Masseria Prosperi Puglia Masseria Prosperi PugliaMasseria Prosperi PugliaWe grabbed our books and whiled away the last few hours of light in our sun loungers.Masseria Prosperi Puglia Masseria Prosperi PugliaThe next morning we woke up early for our daily jog (I’d be the size of a house otherwise!), before tucking into a well-earned breakfast spread – a choice of bread, cheese, meat, fruit, yoghurt, eggs and the most delicious, freshly-picked tomatoes marinated in olive oil and garlic.

As with all Italian cooking, the best dishes are the most simple, with a focus on fresh, organic ingredients.

Masseria Prosperi Puglia Masseria Prosperi PugliaWe didn’t join the communal evening meal, although it sounded just as fantastic as the lunch we had at Masseria il Frantoio. All the other guests were certainly raving about it.

If you’re ever traveling through Otranto I highly recommend spending a few days in Masseria Prosperi for some rest and relaxation amongst the elegant Italian countryside.

We booked through i-escape, a useful website for discovering handpicked boutique hotels. Or you can just contact the owners directly here.

Have you ever been to Masseria Prosperi? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below, or any other memorable masserias you’ve come across in Puglia!

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