Sunset at Polignano a Mare

After spending several relaxing days in Monopoli, we hopped back in our rental car and set off for the popular beach town, Polignano a Mare (only 15 minutes drive away).

The atmosphere in both towns are on complete opposite ends of the Puglian scale. As soon as we arrived in Polignano a Mare, it quickly became obvious where all the tourists were. With its cliff-top setting right above clear, blue waters of the Adriatic, it’s no wonder the charming beach town is such a popular destination.

It’s a great place to spend the day, with plenty of cosy restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and stunning view points to discover.

Polignano a Mare - Puglia

Polignano a Mare - PugliaWe meandered through Porta Vecchia gate towards the main square of the lovely little old town, with pizzerias aplenty, live music and artists to keep everyone entertained.

Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - PugliaWe then navigated our way through the labyrinth of white-washed streets – home to hip bars, stylish cafes and boutique stores.Polignano a Mare - PugliaPolignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - PugliaIt was so hard resisting eating pizza every single day during this trip. There are just so many wonderful pizzerias to choose from wherever you go, and all at incredibly good value (averaging 7 euros)!

So we decided to have dinner at a popular pizzeria, Bella ‘Mbriana, right smack in the middle of the main square, Piazza Vittorio. I have a slight sausage addiction (if you didn’t already know), so I predictably ordered the pizza smothered in spicy Italian sausage and fresh wild rocket. Perfection.

Polignano a Mare - Puglia

And who has pizza without red wine, amiright? This Nerio was particularly good.Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - PugliaFull and satisfied, we made it out to a fantastic viewing platform, just in time to watch the sun gracefully dip behind the ocean.

Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - PugliaThe soft sky light was absolutely breathtaking. Everyone there was completely fixated on the sweeping view, mesmerised as shades of colour slowly changed across the sky. From touches of pink and baby blue, to dusty was hard to tear yourself away.

Polignano a Mare - Puglia

To top off the evening, for dessert I had THE best gelato I have ever had in my life.

I’m not a huge ice-cream or gelato fan, however when it gets placed in my hand in the form of Ferrero Rocher, with huge chunks of crispy biscuit and crushed hazelnut.. now you’re talkin’.

I also absolutely love the cultural tradition in Italy of going out to eat gelato. No matter what time of the day, all members of the family, young or old, gather together and enjoy each other’s company with this deliciously creamy Italian treat.

Tip: Follow the Italians lead and always order 2 types of gelato. There are just so many fantastic flavours (think cinnamon, fig, nutella and dark chocolate), that it’s almost impossible to just pick 1.

Polignano a Mare - Puglia Polignano a Mare - PugliaFind this place at gelateria Bella Blu. You’ll be in gelato heaven, I promise you.

Do make sure you stop off in Polignano a Mare if you’re in the area, even if it’s just to enjoy the beautiful sunset for a few hours. Let me know what you think!

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