Lima Restaurant, London

If you’re looking for a restaurant to check out in London for a special occasion, the creative and eclectic Peruvian menu at Lima Fitzrovia could be the perfect choice.

I came here with my family after reading several great reviews, particularly that it’s the first and only Michelin starred Peruvian restaurant. So I was eager to see what the fuss was all about.

I’ve never actually been to South America, so wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was truly authentic, however I am pretty certain that the average dish in Peru isn’t as pretty and elegant as these were!

In fact, the food was really nothing I’ve ever seen before. Or heard of. The menu was more just a stream of beautiful sounding words, so I essentially closed my eyes, pointed to various parts of the menu and welcomed my surprise dinner.

This Tubers dish was a fantastically colourful and beautifully presented combination of braised root vegetables, beetroot, fresh cheese and yellow chilli. The creamy, crunchy, foam-like textures were unexpected, but an intriguing and satisfying start to my meal.

Almost too pretty to eat!

Lima Restaurant, London Lima Restaurant, LondonLima Restaurant, London

The Tuna Nikkei was perfectly light and tangy – fresh yellowfish tuna served with rocoto pepper, samphire and crunchy organic radish. Enough to wet our appetites and look forward to the next dish.Lima Restaurant, London

The Sea Bass Ceviche was a very light and fresh combination of sea bass, avocado, yellow tiger’s milk and cancha corn. Perhaps not the most exciting dish on the menu, however it would be criminal to not order ceviche when in a Peruvian restaurant.Lima Restaurant, London

This Duck Cocona was lip-smackingly good, wonderfully tender with a slight sweetness to it too. It was soaked in cocona syrup, served with juicy plums and cusco corn cake, which might just be my new favourite accompaniment.

Lima Restaurant, LondonLima Restaurant, London

The flavoursome Suckling Pig had a big thumbs up from my family – delightfully crispy on the outside served on a bed of giant corn, piquillo pepper, green rocota and cashew nuts, definitely forming a dish worth returning for.

Lima Restaurant, London

The Lamb Seco was as wonderful to taste as it was to look at – slow braised shoulder and seared loin served with deliciously creamy pumpkin puree, fava beans and corn beer juice. Such an interesting dish that I highly recommend ordering.

Lima Restaurant, London

The unique desserts didn’t disappoint either. Each served delicately with evidently a lot of thought put in to their flavours and appearance.

The Avocado Mousse caught my attention on the menu. I love avocado but had never dreamed of having it as a dessert in the form of mousse. The intriguing dish was served with 75% rich chocolate and rocota pepper. The rich and creamy mousse complimented the chocolate surprisingly well, and the crunchy pepper gave a real satisfying mix of textures.

Lima Restaurant, London

Below is Chirimoya Parfait, accompanied with amazonian chocolate and blue potato crisps.

Lima Restaurant, London

Last but not least is Aljafores, a traditional soft and crumbly cookie found in Latin America. Served with dulce de leche ice cream and sweet bee pollen.

Lima Restaurant, London

Although I wouldn’t say Peruvian cuisine is my favourite, I’d love to go back again to appreciate each beautifully presented dish, like little works of art. It would be interesting to visit the Floral branch in Covent Garden to see how they compare.

You can download the full menu here if you’d like to peruse the menu first. Make sure you book here before you go. It does get full pretty quickly so try to book a table well in advance!

Lima Fitzrovia
31 Rathbone Place
London, W1T 1JH
+44 20 3002 2640

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