Restaurant 100 Maneiras, Lisbon

The Tasting Menu at restaurant 100 Maneiras is truly something special.

Since the intimate restaurant at Bairro Alto has no menu, you’re welcomed to experience a succession of 10 exquisite and delightfully surprising dishes from chef Ljubomir Stanic.

It’s worth opting for the wine pairing too (and it doesn’t hurt that they’re served by a very charming sommelier), to complete a perfect celebratory dinner.

Restaurant 100 Maneiras – Tasting Menu

To start off we had dehydrated codfish with coriander aioli and red pepper coulis.
What a brilliant serving idea right? Essentially fancy prawn crackers on a washing line!

Restaurant 100 Maneiras

Next was a wonderful combination of oyster with bitter almond liquor, cantaloupe, kiwi, sea algae and oyster foam.

Restaurant 100 Maneiras

A light and refreshing serving of fresh oyster, prawn and sea urchin in a rocket and spinach chlorophyll with oyster foam.

Restaurant 100 Maneiras

This dish was one of my favourites of the night. Just look at the presentation! Fried fish skin, red mullet, sardine paté, liver paté, fish scales and curry mayo.

Restaurant 100 ManeirasThis dish called ‘Swallowed by the Sea’ is mackerel sarma with caviar and mackerel soup air.

Restaurant 100 Maneiras Cod confit with São Miguel cheese foam and its salad, coriander soup, pennyroyal and fennel.

Restaurant 100 ManeirasA delicious confit pork shoulder with creamy beet polenta, clams, pickles and baby vegetables.

Restaurant 100 Maneiras

Our dessert was served in an ominous coffin-shaped casing, spectacularly opened to display a bed of dehydrated mushrooms topped with foie gras ice cream. It was actually surprisingly good! The chef has one heck of an imagination. I somehow doubt I’ll ever get to experience a dessert so unusual again!

Restaurant 100 Maneiras

Finished off with a sweet, alcoholic almond liquor.

Restaurant 100 Maneiras

The best 95 euros ever spent.

Each serving was spectacular. A meal where you wonder in awe at each dish, guessing what each delicate flavour represents certainly makes for a memorable occasion.

The restaurant was also very accommodating to any dietary restrictions. I recommend booking in advance here if you’re planning to go. Let me know what you think!

Address: R. Teixeira 35 1200-459 Lisboa, Portugal
Telephone: +351. 910 307 575
Opens everyday, 19h30-02h. Kitchen closes at 23h.

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